Sunday, March 31, 2013

leggings vs pants rant

okay. so ive seen this more and more both on tumblr and in person while i'm out and about. i'm talking about the trend of wearing yoga pants and leggings as pants. lets start off with yoga pants.

yoga pants alright. i adore yoga pants. they are more comfortable then anything i own and they make my ass look amazing. i am more okay with these being worn as pants then leggings. now, i do however, have a few issues with it still. girls that have a slim figure can get away with this more then girls with a little weight on them. now by no means am i encouraging girls to diet and starve themselves to fit into yoga pants. more times then i'd like to admit, i've worm shirts that reach the top hem on the yoga pants, showing off my crotch and ass. sure, it's alright if you have a slim figure, but if you're overweight, i'm sorry hun, but i don't wanna see your rolls hanging all over the place.

leggings LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. i do not care who you are or how small or large you are. if you wear leggings as pants i hate you. it does not look good on anyone and i can't wait for this trend to die a horrible death. most leggings are see through and that is the worst thing ever. no one wants to see your camel toe honey. now, i do own a few pair of leggings, but i wear them with dresses, long shirts or tunics. my rule of thumb is if im going to wear leggings, my shirts or dress needs to COVER my ass AND my crotch otherwise i'm not wearing it. i really wish more women would obey this, but sadly they do not.

i'm sure with this little rant i've offended some people, but this is my opinion and i have a right to it. so with that being said, thus ends my rant. happy easter everyone!

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